Since the early 1980s, Vivieffe Import-Export has become popular in the field of the supply and trade of Italian and European food specialities, thanks to its direct relations with several producers.


Our main objective has always been to offer our customers a wide range of food ready for use (fish, meat and vegetables) guaranteeing an accurate selection of the best products and ensuring an excellent price/quality ratio.


Vivieffe supervises directly all the phases, from the import to the distribution of products of leader companies on the European and world market. It has exclusive distribution rights on proprietary and world leading brands.


Meeting with our customers’ satisfaction is the principal company’s aim; therefore the quality of the service is at the basis of all our articles. Goods are ready in factories on Friday; they are delivered to Vivieffe for storage on Monday and only after an accurate quality control they are conveyed to customers within a few hours by our refrigerated trucks, thus assuring a rapid and precise logistical and productive organization.


Since the early 1980s Vivieffe visits frequently its suppliers’ facilities being located all over the world, in order to verify their production process’ reliability and quality.


Thanks to a constant research, Vivieffe offers new and advanced solutions to its present and future customers.