The satisfaction of the customer is the principal company’s value, therefore Vivieffe offers a series of services, besides delivering products, which include:


the supply of a wide range of products


the delivery of goods through our own trucks ensuring a controlled temperature


punctual and regular deliveries


the satisfaction of our customers’ specific and customized requests


the guarantee of products’ quality and the respect for the sanitary and hygiene standards


Vivieffe serves the following types of customers:


mass retailers


production and transformation factories


















Our company collaborates with partners and suppliers who constantly assure that their products comply with ISO regulations requirements as far as quality is concerned.


In particular, the company comply with the ISO 9001, a certification dealing with quality management system that is the declaration by an accredited certification body that guarantees the conformity to the regulation UNI ENI ISO 9001.


The ISO 22000 standard is a voluntary standard applied by the operators of the food sector in order to define food safety systems at each step of the food chain.


The ISO 22005 standard deals with traceability in the agri-food chain.


Furthermore, our suppliers have the Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC) and International Food Standards certifications (IFS), two international health and quality standards, promoted by the leading chains of the mass retailers with the goal of evaluating business processes and the compliance with hygiene conditions throughout the entire food supply chain guaranteeing food safety and a reduction in risks in case of food safety hazards.


Fish suppliers are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which sets a standard for sustainable fishing and assigns the blue MSC Ecolabel.